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How to Adopt through The Comfie Cat Shelter
We offer a simple step-by-step adoption process.

Pick a Cat

Visit our available cats from the page on our website. You may wish to pick a maximum of 3 cats you would like to meet, or characteristics you are looking for in a cat. Please note that if you only select a single cat to meet, we do not guarantee the cat will be available at the time of your meet and greet as a potential adopter who has had their appointment previous to yours may have decided to adopt the same cat. It is important to select a maximum of 3 cats on your application.

Fill out the Online Application

Below, we offer a simple, step-by-step application. Please thoroughly complete the application after you have read through all the information available on this page.


Adoption Review

Our adoption committee will review your application. We select the best match for each of our adoptees. This is why we ask you to be very thorough on your application. We do reserve the right to decline applications we feel necessary

At this time we are still short on volunteers, please be patient as we review your application.


If your application has been selected, we will contact you to set up a 15 minute appointment time. We only allow 2 people to come in at a time due to health reasons. At this time, you will have the opportunity to meet the cats listed on your application. It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment as we may have other appointments scheduled following your scheduled time. *Please note that you will only be contacted should your application be approved. 

Bringing Home Your Cat

Should you and your cat match the next few steps may occur. Your cat may be all medically ready to go, you sign the adoption agreement and submit payment for adoption and take your new kitty home with you (PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR CAT CARRIER WITH YOU AT TIME OF PICK UP). Should the cat require a medical check up prior to going home with you, we would take care of that and set up an appointment for you to come back to finalize the adoption.If you have other pets in the home, we suggest you check out our resource page for tips on how to create a harmonious home in a multi-pet environment.

What does the adoption cost include

• Spay/neuter

• Rabies vaccine

• Microchip

• First vaccine booster

• Flea and worm treatment


*Note that kittens at six months are brought back to our shelter and sent to our vet for spaying/neutering, and rabies vaccination.

Adoption Fees

Regular Adoption (Adult 1-5 years) $200.00

Kittens (9wks-11 months) $250.00

Senior Adoption (Adult 6+ years) $125.00

"A Senior for a Senior Program'

Any cat 6 years or older is FREE to any senior 65 years or older with a good home.

Please visit our available cats ready for a loving forever home.

To adopt a cat/kitten from The Comfie Cat Shelter the application below MUST be thoroughly filled out, or download the application here and email it to or bring it into the shelter.



Adoption is a LIFELONG commitment

House cats can live up to at least 15 years of age. You must be prepared to commit yourself to this feline for the entirety of its life. You must also commit to resolving any issues that may occur during his/her lifetime. This includes budgeting of $1,000-$1,500 per year for your companion.

Adoption Application
Personal Details
Check th option that best describes your age group

**Adoption Contract Disclaimer**

By submitting the above application I agree to:

I certify that my answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

If this application leads to Adoption, I understand that false information in my application or interview may result in denial of future adoptions and surrender of the feline in care.


  • The Comfie Cat Shelter agrees to the adoption of the feline named above, and the Adopter agrees to adopt the feline named above from the Adopting Agency known as: the Comfie Cat Shelter

  • The Adopter is over the age of 19 years and agrees to provide a suitable home for the Adoptee, nutritional food and fresh water daily, as well as; shelter, love and kind treatment at all times.

  • The Adopter understands and respects the diversity of environments the Adoptee has previously lived in. The Adopter agrees that The Comfie Cat Shelter, its employees, and its volunteers hold no liability if the feline becomes sick during the first 72 hours after adoption signature date. HOWEVER, if the Adoptee becomes sick during the first 72 hours, the Adopter is to contact The Comfie Cat Shelter IMMEDIATELY with email FIRST, then by phone at (705) 326 1545 SECOND, FINALLY, last resort only (705) 321 8168. At no time shall the Adopter solicit the services of any alternate veterinarian. The Adopter will be liable for all costs incurred with this action, not The Comfie Cat Shelter.

  • After 72 hours grace period, all veterinary costs will be the responsibility of the Adopter only.

  • The Adopter agrees to provide full preventative medical care for the Adoptee such as, but not limited to; Annual vet check, check-ups, vaccinations as required, etc.

  • The Adopter agrees that the adoptee will be an INDOOR ONLY cat.

  • The Adopter will maintain that the feline was adopted and NOT purchased. Further, The Comfie Cat shelter does not guarantee the health, temperament, and/or training of the Adoptee due to limited background information available. The Adopter agrees herein that The Comfie Cat Shelter holds no liability.

  • The Adopter agrees that the Adoptee will not be used for any inhuman, experimental or illegal purposes; such as, but not limited to; breeding.

  • The Adopter agrees to not declaw the Adoptee under any circumstances.

  • The Adopter acknowledges that it is a criminal offence to abandon an animal. If the Adopter, for any reason, can no longer care for the Adoptee, the Adopter agrees to contact The Comfie Cat Shelter. The Comfie Cat Shelter reserves the right to repossess the Adoptee or to approve of a new adoptive home. The Adopter SHALL NOT; give away, sell, trade, or turnover the adopted feline to any persons or municipal shelters.

  • Should the Adopted cat need to be re-homes, the Adopter will contact The Comfie Cat Shelter to arrange the date and time for the return.

  • Juvenile felines are too young to be spayed or neutered. It is the Adopters responsibility to contact The Comfie Cat Shelter when the Adoptee is between 5-6 months of age to arrange an appointment for the procedure. The cost of the procedure is included in the adoption fee. Should the Adopter decide to have the procedure performed by his/her veterinarian, a rebate/refund will not be granted.

  • The Adopter waives any right of action which the Adopter, Executors or Assigns have or may have in the future against The Comfie Cat Shelter for any reason related to the adoption including, but not limited to, the repossession if the Adoptee in accordance with this agreement.

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