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Introducing Crinkles, a well adjusted, loving and social boy who was nearly put to death by his owner because of his small, curable, medical issue.

We would like to share with you a story about a sweet, loving and social cat named Crinkles. At only seven years old, Crinkles was going to be euthanized by his owner, not because he was severely sick, not because he was voiding outside the litter box, not because he had any aggression, and certainly not because he was not getting along with other animals in the house. He was an only pet in the house with an older lady whom he loved, his only caveat, he is diabetic. Being a diabetic cat means that you must get insulin shots twice a day, at the same times every day. It isn't that the insulin even costs a fortune, it is only $100 for the year, but, Crinkles' levels must be checked every once in a while and to date, this handsome fella is improving regularly and may even go into remission which would mean no more injections! Yay for Crinkles.

Now, why is Crinkles possibly going into remission you might ask? Because of the consistent care he is receiving by our dedicated volunteers that makes sure that at 9am and 9pm, he receives his insulin, on time and without fail. Should Crinkles be on a special diet? Yes, but at the shelter, he is not kept in a cage, he isn't even in a specific room, he is too social for that and loves the attention he receives by all our shelter volunteers, and he is too tempted by the other cat food that is offered to the cats here at the shelter.

Crinkles has been with us at The Comfie Cat Shelter since August 2021, and during his time here, we have noticed that he likes being the center of attention, and not too fond of other cats, so when he does go to his forever home, he will need to be the only pet. This neutered and declawed, gorgeous boy does this funny thing when he needs to void into the litter box, he doesn't step in like most cats do, he actually backs up into the litter box, just a slight quirk and kind of funny to see.

You might ask why we took on a diabetic cat, that requires consistent shots, volunteers coming in at night, after hours, to make sure he has his medicine at the exact time EVERY SINGLE DAY, and the added costs of his insulin. The answer is, we absolutely could not see a vibrant, loving cat be euthanized for a simple issue as being diabetic. We will support and love Crinkles until we find him the best, most practical home for him to be loved and cared for, for the rest of his life.

Is Crinkles up for adoption? Yes, however, as mentioned, we are very particular as to where we place Crinkles, he is super special and we need to take every step to ensure that he receives the commitment of care, love and health that he needs, as all of our felines require. If you are interested in adopting Crinkles, an online application must be filled out and every question answered. We will only be contacting those we feel will be the best fit for Crinkles.

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