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Saturday June 10th

8am to 1pm

Westmount United Church

23 Westmount Drive, Orillia

Donations of gently used items accepted at the church June 9 from 3-7 only.

*Please no clothing, shoes or large furniture.

Garage & Plant Sale Fundraiser

Please Note The Shelter Will Be Closed This Day

Did You Know...

During the month we go through a lot of dry food, wet food and litter. We even go for the most economical and safe litter option available. Just how much you might ask? Well we have decided to share with you all how much we purchase monthly to maintain healthy and happy cats here at The Comfie Cat Shelter. It is worth noting that this is regular adult food, this does not factor in special dietary needs for certain cats, nor does it factor in kitten needs, or vet care, this is strictly what we put out monthly to support the welfare of our adult felines.

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approx 30 bags (25kg)/month x $23.00 per bag

$700 per month


Wet Cat Food

approx 50 cans/day x 30 days = 1500 cans @ $1.00 per can

$1500 per month


Dry Cat Food

approx 10 bags/month x $25 per bag

$250 per month

Noir + Omar
Our Bonded Egyptian Duo


Noir and Omar started out as two abandoned kittens found in Egypt with horrible infections to both of their eyes. Unfortunately, proper medical care was not available and the woman in Egypt who found and dearly loved these wonderful boys was not financially able to seek out proper medical services for the procedures that Noir and Omar required. It would also be next to impossible to find a loving, forever home for them in Egypt.

Luckily, the woman sought out assistance from a newly formed Ontario rescue who was able to take in these two special needs boys and offer them the proper veterinary care they desperately needed.

After reviewing the options for both boys, the veterinarian concluded that the eyes had become unsalvageable and an enucleation procedure was performed to remove their eyes. While they have been at the shelter, we have consulted with our veterinarian to see if it would be possible to have their sockets sewn shut, however, the vet has recommended against this and says Omar and Noir feel no pain and only require periodic drops and eye wiping regularly.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the rescue that had originally taken them into care, had to find another rescue or shelter to take the duo as they were falling on uncertain times. In the spirit of offering assistance to a fellow rescue/shelter and knowing what it is like just starting out in this business, The Comfie Cat Shelter gladly stepped in to help. Noir and Omar entered our shelter, given a room to themselves so they can become accustomed to their new surroundings, supplied with a fantastic and elaborate cat tree and all the food and love they could possibly handle. They now eagerly explore the common areas within the shelter, where they strut like kings and offer kitty 'hellos' to all the other kitties and volunteers.

We thought it would be super challenging for them, not being able to see, not even to see shadows, but these boys, they are 100% vibrant, energetic, incredibly loving, super playful and too fast for most of us! It is almost like they have super powers, and sight is not something they need at all as it does not slow them down.

The boys are now a year and a half, neutered, microchipped and up-to-date with their vaccinations. We will not separate these two as they are bonded. Omar is more playful than his brother, and Noir is more people focused. Both are very loving.

We are all truly amazed by these boys, how playful they are, but most importantly, how much heart they both have. Are Noir and Omar up for adoption? Yes, but we are extremely selective on the home we place these boys into. An adopter for Noir and Omar will need to be prepared to wipe their eyes regularly, occasionally put drops in their eyes, offer the boys interactive play time and have a single-level home. So if you feel that you could provide a safe and loving home to this bonded duo, please fill out an adoption application online.

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